“Duty of Care” is a requirement for all employers, managers and landlords to provide a safe working and living environment under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Failure to do so could leave you responsible should an accident occur, and could lead to a large fine and possible temporary closure of your work place.

Our Anti Slip Solutions

Do your floors become slippery when they get wet? Do you put out signs to warn of wet floors? Have people previously slipped over on your floors?

Slippery tiles, concrete and walkway surfaces at the work place and home are a major hazard, result in thousands of injuries every year and are one of the most common cause of injuries. You must always eliminate the risk where you’re reasonably able to; a non-slip solution is critical to get this problem under control.

Floorsafe NZ’s anti-slip solutions is a process that microscopically alters the top surface of your tile or concrete to create a highly effective non-slip texture when wet, without the need to use coatings, tapes or mats. The treatment modifies the surface of the floor, deepens the surface pores, and provides a suction effect when the floor is wet. As you walk on it, instead of aquaplaning across the wet surface, your foot or shoe will grab the floor.

Unlike some other products available, our treatments combine multiple solutions on to the floor surface to give a controlled finish using tri component treatments for tile and quad component treatments for concrete. Floorsafe NZ provide a Commercial Maintenance Cleaner for ongoing maintenance of your non slip treatment. This cleaner contains a portion of the non-slip ingredient to keep your treated floor in premium condition for many years.

Available in easy to apply DIY kits or phone to arrange a Floorsafe technician to discuss your requirements.

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