Marine anti slip tape, Black- 100mm x 18.3m

NZ$130.00 excl GST

Self adhesive, waterproof and salt resistant


Category:Grip Tapes

Self adhesive quality marine tape.  Tailor made to be used on the open seas on anything from pleasure crafts, competitive boats and commercial vessels. 

Marine anti slip tape is the first product to be 100% guaranteed salt resistant.  The marine anti slip tape construction is that of granules applied to a surface, unlike our abrasive products which have an aluminium oxide applied on top.  This is more like a small glass bead than a sharp edged granule, to ensure comfort when walking on it with bare feet. 

Marine anti slip tape lends itself to use beyond marine specific applications.  Due to the cleaning potential of marine anti slip tape, it can be applied in kitchens and tiled areas.

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