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"Last year I built a townhouse and, because it is modern & minimalistic, the thing to do was install tiles at the front door. The tiles were meant to be non slip and, I guess, on dry days they were. However on the many wet days we have, staying upright was quite a challenge. The slope also had something to do with it. After the second fall, and nothing broken yet, it was time to look around for a cure.
The internet gave me the name of a likely prospect, Floorsafe NZ at Papamoa. The date was 27th December and my contact was replied to very promptly. The kit was paid for & dispatch was made promptly. Installation was very simple; tip on the first bottle of solution and sweep on, tip on the second bottle and sweep on to even it up. After feeling the tiles with my gumboot after I couple I minutes, I felt it was gripping, tip on the third sloution and sweep on. Then wash off with water from a watering can and mop clean.
Overnight we had quite heavy rain. Negotiating the tiles was now a dream; no more falls ever for 10 years. Thank you for your prompt service and brilliant cost effective cure to my problem. I should add, the tiles look exactly the same as before treatment.
Colin Williamson
New Plymouth
"We have a few tiled areas at the properties. Novotel Rotorua Lakeside is a 12 year old building and we had ongoing problems with slippery tiles at the entry doors.
Floorsafe came to the rescue and treated all the tiled areas with an anti slip treatment. The results were immediate and we have not had any incidents since the treatment was done. The entire main entrance to the adjacent property Hotel Ibis Rotorua, has tiles on the outside and is exposed to the elements.
Floorsafe treated the area and turned the tiles into an anti slip area instantly. We compared the tiles to those in an untreated area and there is a remarkable difference.
Norman Turner
Maintenance Manger
Novotel and Ibis Hotels, Rotorua
"A tiled ramp leading to our entrance to the Club was very slippery, especially when wet. We had it anti slip treated by Floorsafe NZ and are very impressed with the result achieved and with their efficient service."
Peter A B Moss
General Manager
Mt Maunganui RSA
"On behalf of the New Zealand Senior and Junior National Orienteering squads, I would like to thank Floorsafe New Zealand Ltd for their ongoing support. Their high quality products have become an integral part of our training and help us to improve our Orienteering skills and increase our chances of realising our goals and dreams at World Championship events. Cheers Floorsafe NZ!"
Ross Morrison
Current NZ Champion
NZ National Orienteering Squad
"We had the Floorsafe anti slip product applied to our tiles on our balcony area in October 2008. This was a high slip/fall area, we had someone slip or fall over every day, even though we had mats down to prevent this. The mats just slipped along with the person on it.
Since we have had the tiles treated we have had no slip or fall in this area and we have done away with the mats we had there. We are now going to have it applied to the tiles in our changing rooms.
What a fantastic product. I would recommend it to any aquatic facility.
The cost to have it applied was far cheaper than the replacement cost for new mats. It is easy care and the only thing you have to do is clean it with a special cleaner every 6 months to a year. Apart from that you just clean the floor as normal. No more dragging mats at cleaning time.
Vanessa Kowalski
Facility Manager
Te Aroha Leisure Pools