Liquid Applications

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We have an Anti-Slip Liquid Application for every floor type!

Floorsafe NZ has a Liquid Application solution for ceramic, quarry and mosaic tiles, granite, concrete , hardwood, vinyl, terrazzo – we can even help with ceramic baths and showers!

All treatments carried out by Floorsafe NZ  come with a two-year guarantee.

Looking to take on the job by yourself?  Our Liquid Applications are so easy to apply that you can do-it-yourself!

Check out our range of Liquid Applications to learn more about the benefits of using these amazing products.

Contact Floorsafe NZ about a free quote anywhere in the country and to organise your Floorsafe NZ applicator or DIY solution.

Product Specifications

You can download the specifications for our various Liquid Application products here.

Introduction the Floorsafe Liquid Applications

How to Apply

Why choose Floorsafe Liquid Applications?

  1. Proven quality Anti-Slip solutions: Floorsafe's Liquid Applications have been widely used commercially and residentially all across Australia for more than 20 years and in New Zealand for over 8 years.
  2. Works when wet: Floorsafe creates a unique, anti-slip surface that's still effective when wet.
  3. Cost effective protection: Keep up with any demand for safety at an affordable rate. Floorsafe does the job quickly, efficiently and for less. Protect yourself, your staff and your customers from slips, trips and falls without the price tag of other solutions.
  4. Fully Guaranteed: Floorsafe NZ's anti-slip systems and treatments last up to ten years and are guaranteed for two when applied by our Floorsafe NZ trained technician.
  5. No disruptions: Choosing an anti-slip system or treatment for your bathroom floor, kitchen or workplace from Floorsafe NZ means no mess, no noise and no strong odours.
  6. Appearance: Floorsafe NZ's anti-slip treatments are made to be invisible, leaving any room a lot safer while looking just as it was before.
  7. No dry time: Your floors are ready to be used again immediately after the non-slip application is complete.
  8. Cleaning is still easy: Continue cleaning just as normal or, for the best results, use our Maintenance Cleaners to protect and maintain your anti-slip flooring treatment. They help maintain an effective anti-slip treatment wherever it is the Floorsafe NZ Liquid Applications have been used.
  9. Use a professional or DIY: Organise your treatment with a trained Floorsafe technician for the best results or purchase a do-it-yourself pack.
  10. No preparation required: A trained Floorsafe NZ technician will thoroughly clean the floor or surface before the application so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Our Liquid Application Products:

Vinyl & Timber Floors

Ideal for commercial kitchens, toilet and bathroom areas. The product comes in 5 litre and 2 litre containers.


Tiles & Concrete

This solution is a must for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundries, pools, patios and steps – anywhere your floor is a hazard when wet, inside or out, our anti-slip treatment works like magic.


Commercial Maintenance Cleaners

Specially formulated for areas where grease, fat and oil are prominent, this cleaner works away the mess and helps to maintain the non-slip flooring surface treatment. Regular use ensures hygiene and the effectiveness of your Floorsafe NZ anti-slip treatment is maintained.


DIY Packs

Available in conveniently measured sizes to suit 5 to 50 square metre areas, our DIY Packs are ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces.  Comes with Commercial Maintenance Cleaner to maintain your anti-slip treatment.