Fibreglass Floor Tiles (FRP)

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View the Opus test report on our Floorsafe Floor Tiles.

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The FRP fibreglass floor tiles are light, easy to install and hard wearing.

With a high co-efficient of friction (.86 as tested by Opus International VIEW RESULTS) and are proving to be a very popular product.

Measuring 600mm x 600mm, FRP are available in industrial GREY and YELLOW.

Fibreglass Floor Tiles are perfect for the industrial and commercial situations:

  • Railway Stations
  • Dairy Industry
  • Commercial Building Fire Exit Stairwells
  • Industrial and commercial sites
  • Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Council Walkways
  • Car Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums

Reduce your slip, trip and fall accidents and reduce any slippery surfaces by fitting FRP Fibreglass Floor Tiles today!

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