Deck Treads

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Deck Treads are extremely hard wearing and will give many years of anti-slip service.

Deck Tread 50mm is a product supplied by Floorsafe NZ to retro fitted to most surfaces, including slippery wooden decks, ramps and concrete to cure slip hazards.

With deck treads, your environment will be made a lot safer and will reduce the risk of serious injury. Like throwing grit onto a slippery surface, deck treads work in the same way to create traction and stop slips.

Also known commonly called stair treads, stair covers or non slip treads, Floorsafe Deck Treads can easily be fitted by any handy man or builder, using a glue and screw fixing method.



About Floorsafe NZ Desk Treads


  • Manufactured from pressure moulded fibreglass with a grit anti slip surface.
  • It is supplied is two colours for your convenience; safety yellow and grey.
  • Available in up to 3 metre lengths. Can be custom cut to length.
  • Complies with the following standards:
    AS/NZS 4586.
    Also meets requirements and recommendations of HB197 and visual contrast of RTS14.
    Co-efficient of friction .83 (VIEW RESULTS)

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